Oct 20th Here in Tucson

The Wedding Cake is a decision that should not be taken lightly, because it will be the center of attention at the wedding table. To facilitate this process we have designed 4 steps so that your choice is the right one when choosing the most important Cake of the day of your life. Remember that taste and design are important.


1. Take into account your budget and space

We know that the budget will determine a large number of wedding details. With the Wedding Cake it also happens, since the options are endless. Details such as cover, fill and decoration are the main points to take into account.


2. Know all the alternatives

In recent years, a large number of variants have emerged in Wedding Cakes such as the avant-garde or vintage that are so fashionable among current couples.


3. Follow the same theme

Although at weddings you can enjoy full freedom, in almost all of them you usually follow a line that, almost unintentionally, reflects the personality of the bride and groom. The whole event usually goes in one direction and, if a wedding obeys a previously chosen style, the protagonists’ clothes, the chosen space, the catering and, of course, the Wedding Cake must go hand in hand.


4. Search for a recognized pastry shop

Choose a bakery that has experience, check the comments on social networks, do not jeopardize your event due to a bad experience. Approach an established business that has the quality you expect, but above all, that can fulfill your desires for flavor, decoration and budget.


So, as you will see, it is not a simple decision, but a very delicious process when choosing the Wedding Cake.

We are the largest Bakery in Mexico, with a national presence, a great pride that delights the palate of thousands of families creating an unparalleled experience.

SUSPIROS PASTELERÍAS present at the event of the year EXPO TU BODA TUCSON on Sunday, October 20th. We wait for you with SPECIAL PRICES in all our exclusive line of WEDDING CAKE. You choose the coverage, the filling and the details that you like the most.

The cake for my events is from SUSPIROS PASTELERÍAS!

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