Oct 20th Here in Tucson

With a privileged location, an unsurpassed paradise where blue waters fade on white sand, in OCV GUAYMAS AND SAN CARLOS you will turn YOUR WEDDING into a memorable experience. Immerse your senses and feel your spirit in your different hotels for weddings! The combination of sounds, colors and flavors that drive the lively nights that combine with ideal days. Delicious options, pleasant spaces and a fresh breeze, all combined to create the day as special as you dreamed it.

OCV GUAYMAS AND SAN CARLOS have everything you need to make your event, a moment like no other that you will remember throughout your life. From the smallest details, to the greatest innovations, your professionals will give you all the help you need to turn your wedding into a unique experience. Its packages and services adapt to your needs.

OCV GUAYMAS AND SAN CARLOS present at EXPO TU BODA with SPECIAL OFFERS. They are waiting for you this Sunday, October 20 from 11 am to 4 pm.

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