Oct 20th Here in Tucson

D´ROSS BAKERY is a family business and those who integrate it have decided to undertake an emotional and work path at the same time, having very clear, would have all the warmth of a personalized attention and the time needed for each client with a unique style and quality, a demanding selection of raw materials and the continuous search for perfection. In D´ROSS BAKERY we prepare cakes and cupcakes for all occasions: birthdays, piñatas, weddings, XV years and more … We want to pamper your palate!

All our products are made by hand and with raw materials of the highest quality resulting in a fresh, careful and, above all, rich product. Our desire is to generate good moments through each slice of cake.

Expo Tu Boda Arizona Logo

We always offer an artisanal elaboration in all our products, trying to create a familiar and clothed environment, with quality and authenticity, without forgetting the freshness of the product and the good service.

D´ROSS BAKERY, present at the event of the year EXPO TU BODA TUCSON on Sunday, October 20th. We wait for you with SPECIAL PRICES!

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