Oct 20th Here in Tucson

Arturo Valenzuela was born on December 15, 1964 in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.


With great imagination and dreamy nature foreshadowed his future dedication to the arts, his talent as an illustrator and fashion designer has given several important advances in his career and through his simple but elegant designs, has gained a great deal following in the states of Arizona and Sonora.


With its distinctive style as a fashion designer, has dressed both women and men at will, Ranging from wedding to evening gowns, cocktail dresses, sport and casual wear to formal, lingerie to bikinis, etc..Just for any special occasion. You can take a look at his Designs Here. The luxury at its best, embroidered in bright colors, gold and silver lace, pearls and feathers …

Models are considered like beautiful live mannequins that make me inspired every time. Especially when there has that nature walking runway. Posing and getting that attitude making them with style and epic look. No matter what they have or not wearing. Is just a natural thing. So, when I coming up to someone and tell them how beautiful they are and how exotic look you have, please believe me you got to do something in the model industry world representing any look of the universal modeling world.

I believe that word of “Arts” is a Universal Language, that everyone should speak and practice it. Now that I know that, drawings, sculptures, masks, paintings in different mediums are the images representing artists from within, like a self-portrait.

For me, it’s so important to mention that I’m especially focused on Fashion than anything else and definitely wish to achieve worldwide recognition for it.

Arturo Valenzuela present at the event of the year EXPO TU BODA TUCSON on Sunday, October 20th at the AMBASSADOR EVENT CENTER located at 3455 S Wilmot Rd, Tucson, AZ 85730.

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